Please don’t throw away your money or your memories buying Christmas Ornaments…that is, unless you’re going to take the time to store them safely each year!

glass-egyptianI made the mistake for many, many years (more than I care to admit) of storing my Christmas decorations in plastic bags, paper sacks and cardboard boxes.  I wrapped them in tissue paper and made sure to use plenty of Kleenex™ and paper towels to cushion them so they would be protected.

Of course, I didn’t give much thought to the fact that tissue deteriorates, and it does not stop bugs and other critters from digging in and helping themselves. I fact, it encourages them. You’d be surprised what they will eat!  I spend a lot of time every December decorating my house and my tree – not to mention the money I’ve spent over the years — and I wasn’t giving all that much thought to storing my ornaments and decorations after the “tear down” on January 2nd!

Anyway, I finally got smart and started buying real storage containers for my prized Christmas ornaments.  Now, I don’t worry about whether the silverfish can get in or whether the paper towels have turned yellow and stained my satin ornaments or whether they will get broken or misplaced.

In doing just a little research, I found that the “one size fits all” concept didn’t work.  I needed different types of ornament storage boxes for different types of ornaments.  I didn’t really need to buy archival storage boxes for my wooden ornaments for example.  But I did need special containers for my glass ornaments — something sturdy that could protect them from being shattered to smithereens.

Christmas WreathI also decided to buy proper containers for my wreaths and my artificial trees. Yes, I said “trees” because I have more than one.  I have a small one for my entry hall, another for the guest bath plus a LARGE one for the living room.  Once I found out that even environmentalists recommend using an artificial tree, I bought extras — guilt-free!

Victorian  Santa Ornament

Depending on what ornaments you need to store, there are several types of storage containers to consider.  If you’re trying to preserve your family’s heirloom Christmas ornaments, use an archival storage container.  If you simply have tons of ornaments you want organized in an efficient way, a simple plastic ornament storage box will do the trick.

It goes without saying that your Christmas tree ornaments DO need to be kept organized for easy access, and keeping them in an out-of-the-way place makes the most sense because you only need them once a year.  Think garage or attic.

Everyone who saves their Christmas ornaments from year to year knows that these pretty ornaments are more than just holiday decorations. Most of them are special keepsakes with treasured memories attached. Some will be kept in the family and passed down from family member to family member for years to come.

That’s why they should be stored safely and protected from damage or deterioration. Believe me, I wish my Mother had done this because some of the best ornaments I remember from my childhood are now just a faint memory of their former self. Insects, rodents, moisture. They can all irretrievably damage your favorite Christmas ornaments if they weren’t stored properly and protected from harm.

I’ve tried to cover the various types of Christmas storage boxes and containers that I especially like and hope that you will, too. So, depending on what you’re looking for, just choose a tab at the top of this page and it’ll take you to the page you need — whether you’re looking for underbed storage, archival storage and tree storage, just pick that tab and there you’ll be!

I’ve gathered lots more info for you, so have a look around, enjoy — and get organized each Christmas!